10 things to do for Mother’s Day

April 29, 2021

Whether it’s for Mum, Nanna, an Aunty or a special person, here’s our list of 10 things to do for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day activities don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Sometimes keeping it simple and thoughtful is the key.

1. Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed and don’t forget the coffee. We’ve found a plethora of pancake recipes that might come in handy. If Mum isn’t usually a big breakfast person, skip the pancakes and eggs, and go simple with toast and a cup of her favourite coffee or tea.

2. Make a card

Handmade cards from the kids often go down a treat with Mum. Seeing a special drawing and scrawled handwriting with declarations of love and that you’re the best Mum ever make Mother’s Day extra special.

3. Go for a picnic

If the weather is nice, go for a picnic at a local park. But don’t make Mum prepare and pack the picnic! Her job is to get herself ready, get in the car and enjoy the picnic food and fun. And when packing the picnic hamper, keep it simple and easy, and don’t forget some of Mum’s favourite foods.

4. Have a family lunch

Have a nice family lunch, with no arguing, burping at the table or complaining about the food. If you decide to go for a home cooked meal at home, make Mum’s favourites. Or if you want to try something new, there’s lots of lunch recipes online to try.

5. Brunch in bed

Let Mum sleep in before you burst in with the pancakes and eggs! And by sleep in, we don’t mean giving her an extra 30 mins of sleep. We mean a decent sleep in to at least 10am!

6. Home pampering

Set up a home pamper station. The kids will love the opportunity to give Mum a facial, do her hair, nails or give her a massage. And then follow it up with a voucher to get her nails or hair done at a real salon.

7. High Tea at home

Have fun creating afternoon High Tea at home. The kids will love creating little sandwiches with the crusts cut off and little sweet treats. And Mum will enjoy watching the kids set this up and then get to enjoy it with them.

8. Get out and about

Get out of the house and take Mum to do something. Something like going to the movies, attending a special Mother’s Day breakfast or luncheon, taking part in a workshop, going to a market, taking a tour, visiting her favourite place or doing a fun activity you know she’d like to do, like family barefoot lawn bowls.

9. Solo shopping

Give Mum a voucher and send her off shopping by herself, for things for herself. She’ll appreciate the chance to go into a change room without the kids opening the door while she’s half-dressed or hearing the sounds of “I’m boooored!” 5 mins after arriving.

10. Quiet time

Make sure Mum has a nice large chunk of quiet time to do what she wants, like reading, internet browsing, binge-watching or online shopping…. uninterrupted!

Oh and while you’re doing one or more of these for Mum (we recommend more than 1!), also make sure she doesn’t lift a finger to do anything, no cooking, no cleaning – that’s the last thing a Mum wants to do on Mother’s Day.

But wait, there’s more…

We asked some of the wonderful mums from our Snaffle team what they’d love to do for Mother’s Day and this may give you even more ideas.

  • Lydia would love nothing more than waking up to Vegemite toast in bed that's gone slightly cold and is covered in way too much butter, open a beautifully hand coloured envelope made with love from her daughter and spend the day enjoying everything motherhood has taught her. She’d also love it if a massage was thrown in too.

  • Chen went thought of her dream Mother’s Day. Well in my wildest imagination I'd be on an island, alone, sleeping in all day. But a dinner out will do.”

  • Aaliya would love to stay in bed, watch Netflix or read a book and basically do nothing.

  • While Naomi has outlined her whole day (perhaps hoping that her husband will read this!). “On Mother’s Day I’d love to relax with my family. Maybe have a sleep in and then brunch, followed by a drive to see the Redwood Forest (it’s been on my list for a while!) and afternoon tea somewhere local. Wrapping it all up with takeaway for dinner and no dishes for me! And extra time for reading books before my daughter’s bedtime, as it’s one of my favourite things to do with her.”

Something extra…

Take a photo of Mum and the kids every Mother’s Day, then in 10 or 20-years’ time you can present an album that shows the love and fun over the years as the kids and Mum grow older.

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