Android or iOS? Let Snaffle help you decide

August 2, 2021

The age old conundrum — Android or iOS? Both smartphone devices certainly have their advantages, so why not let Snaffle help you decide.

Between them, Android and iOS occupy a comprehensive corner of the smartphone market; at last count, approximately 99 percent of all mobile users have either an iPhone or Android device. Picking between an Apple or Samsung phone rental is not easy, which is why the good folks at Snaffle have put together this handy guide, to help you make the right decision when it comes time to upgrade on your smart device.

Operating System

The fundamental difference between Android and iOS devices is their respective operating systems.

The operating system is the primary software on your phone. It is responsible for everything from saving important files to providing an interface for you to interact with. The Android operating system is open source and generally more customisable than iOS. This is why there are many different smartphone providers that use the Android system, including Samsung, Google, and realme.

On the other hand, iOS is often considered to be more user-friendly than Android. Many people also prefer Apple smartphones as the iOS operating system can link their phone to their laptop and tablet.

For the everyday consumer, the main thing you need to be aware of is that any apps or software you download will only work on your phone’s platform, be it iOS or Android. If you swap operating systems, you will need to download your apps again.


These days, the top phones all have the same set of features, which typically include a high-definition camera, virtual voice assistant, and biometric security settings.

It’s hard to say definitively that either Android or iOS offer the better set of smartphone features; your choice really depends on what you are specifically looking for in a phone.

If you’re a keen photographer, for example, you will probably want to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, widely purported to have the best smartphone camera ever invented.

Opting for an iPhone rental, on the other hand, means you will be able to make the most of Apple’s ecosystem of smart devices. If you also have an iMac or an iPad, you can quickly transfer photos and files between devices using the AirDrop and Handoff features.


One of the major differences between Android and iOS platforms is the type of apps that are available. Currently, there are approximately 2.7 million apps available on the Google Play store, compared to the 1.8 million on the App Store.

However, it doesn’t just come down to numbers. Many app developers are working hard to ensure their software is available on both platforms, but this isn’t always possible. And in the situation that a developer has to pick one platform over the other, they will generally opt for iOS.

If you already have a few favourite apps or know that there is specific software that you need to be able to access for work, be sure to check whether it is available on both Android and iOS before deciding on your next smartphone.


Generally speaking, if you opt for a smartphone from a reputable and trustworthy provider, such as Samsung, Google, or Apple, you can expect that the device will be secure.

However, the fact that Android devices run on an open-source software means that some users have concerns about the relative security of their device. Open-source means that the code is freely available for anyone to see, use, and change. Android users also have the option of downloading apps to their phones that do not come from official platforms, such as the Google Play store. These apps are often ridden with malware that can do serious damage to your device.

In reality, providing that you stick to secure websites and applications, both iOS and Android phones are perfectly safe to use. It’s also a good idea to regularly update your operating system, so that you know you are well protected against emerging threats.

Why you should rent your next mobile phone through Snaffle

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