A breath of fresh (Snaffle) air

April 1, 2021

Today we launch our first ever Snaffle branded product, offering you the chance to rent the freshest air on the planet.

Snaffle Air is not the name of our new airline (although there’s an idea…) but the name of a product that can bring a breath of fresh air into your life.

The air was bottled by our social ambassador, Hannah Hokarari, on a recent rafting trip in Tasmania and bottled in our new facility in Launceston. Whether you’re stuck in a house with smelly housemates, in the city surrounded by pollution or maybe at the gym with all those sweaty bodies, a niff of the fresh stuff can raise your spirits.

At just $19.95 per month you won’t find a better rental product on the market today…. So don’t delay. Freshen up your life with Snaffle Air.

OK, you got us...

We don’t have any air to rent, it’s April Fool's Day so we thought we’d have some fun.

But the good news is to say sorry for our prank we’re offering you $100 off any contract for TODAY only.

Just use the code "FRESHAIR100" when applying online for any product or by calling 1300 286 593.

The real fools were those who didn’t join Snaffle Plus in time for our monthly prize draw. We're giving away another $10k away today (no joke – check out the winners to be announced this morning) and if you want the chance to win next month all you have to do is sign up to our monthly newsletter.

Oh and we do have some exciting product news that’s real… the all new Samsung A series has just been announced, so you can register your interest today and jump ahead of the queue when they launch on Friday 9th April.