Gadgets to bring out your inner Geek

August 14, 2023

With the average shelf life of tech gadgets ever diminishing, it's almost impossible to stay up to date with the rapidly changing technology of the modern tech space - Even if you are a tech gadget enthusiast! Fear not - Snaffle is here. Let us be your guide, your oracle or at least your wise older cousin that knows quite a bit about stuff.  

Part of Snaffle’s mantra is to keep abreast of the latest smart products, tech product reviews, research and future market trends. And of course, to add the best new gadgets to our store, where you can get what you want, when you want it… for bite-sized payments. 

The ‘best’ geeky tech devices are the must-have gadgets that enhance your lifestyle without taking it over. If you’re a phone junky, please stop laughing. Think about getting cool tech gadgets that increase your leisure hours, help you manage your time, make great tech gifts and generally make your life more enjoyable!  

Celebrating the humble and not-so-humble gadgets of our tech-crazy world would be impossible without firstly discussing the modern smart phone. Having evolved from a simple mobile phone handset only one generation ago, today’s must-have smart device now powers our daily routine… from waking us up, to relaxing us to sleep. We can use it to pay for things we need, browse the internet or access our mobile apps. They are the essential take-anywhere camera and you can even use them to send messages and make phone calls! (Pretty smart after all.) So let’s compare smart phones.  

Smart Phones

Here at Snaffle, we stock a range of the latest smart phone models from a stable of the world’s leading mobile phone brands including Apple, Samsung, Google, Nokia, Motorola and Asus. In addition, we stock a host of must-have smart phone accessories like wireless desk chargers, car dash mounts, stands, earbuds and cables. Snaffle has all that you need to really get your mobile phone strut on!   

It’s no secret of course that the big two players in the smart phone space are Apple and Samsung, which each offer different forms of mobile operating system. US giant Apple which runs its Apple iOS, currently markets the Apple iPhone 14 in a diverse range of guises - from regular Apple iPhone 14 with its 6.1” Super Retina XDR display through to the Apple iPhone 14 Pro featuring Apple’s famed Dynamic Island technology and a 23 hour battery life… and of course the Grand Poo-bah, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max with a large 6.7” display and an enviable 29 hour battery life.  

Samsung runs the Android operating system for mobile devices originally developed by Google. The iconic Korean tech brand offers the Samsung Galaxy S23 with its amazing 88% screen-to-body ratio and hi-rez dynamic AMOLED touchscreen. Then there’s its big brother the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with huge 6.8” touchscreen and the funky Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 featuring flip and fold phone capabilities perfect for keeping you in the loop without even opening the phone! 

Google, Nokia, Motorola and Asus all offer fabulous smart phone models that deliver fast network access and an expansive list of features at a range of price points.  


At Snaffle we realise that what every smart phone user needs these days is the partner wireless earbuds which offer an immersive audio experience for work, sport or leisure. Deciding what type of wireless earbud with built-in microphone suits you, can be an interesting journey based on sound and comfort preferences. The renowned Apple Airpods, now in their second generation, are the benchmark which other brands have successfully followed. The major players have all adapted the in-case charging concept and state-of-the-art noise cancelling technology. Samsung markets the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, while Google offers its Google Pixel Buds A-Series and Google Buds Pro in a range of colours. Iconic ear phone brand Bose has their Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds II and Philips offers the Philips True Wireless Earphones


Any valid dialogue on Tech Gadgets cannot be complete of course without devoting at least one dinner party conversation to the Smart Watch. Whether it syncs with your computer, your tablet, your smart phone or all of the above... the modern smart watch is the new interface for taking calls and messages, monitoring your health and occasionally telling the time! Snaffle has the cream of the crop in stock. The Garmin Lily Sport Edition Smart Watch with its stylish patterned lens is a symbol of innovation and elegance, while the FitBit Versa 3 is the health & fitness watch with built-in GPS and more than 20 exercise modes. Samsung currently offer the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, crafted with a lightweight aluminium frame and available in a stunning range of fashion statement colours. It turns fitness motivation into a daily routine with its 3-in-1 Bio Active Sensor. No discussion on Smart Watches is of course complete without profiling the Apple Watch currently available in its Apple Watch Series 8 designation, complete with Emergency SOS and Crash Detection modes as well as a gamut of enhanced work-out features.  


Ever since Moses stepped down from Mt Sinai with the 10 commandments, the tablet has been a popular handheld device, but today’s tablets do much more than even the great man could have imagined. It’s the laptop you have when you don’t want a laptop! WiFi only or cellular ready, tablets are a super convenient all-in-one device when you want to travel the world… or just connect to your world from the comfort of your family sofa. Plus, you can add a keyboard or even cast your tablet display to a bigger screen for even more visual impact. Android and Apple iOS, the same 2 operating systems that run the smart phone, also drive the world’s favourite tablets. Snaffle is the one-stop shop for all the best brands of tablets for family, school and work. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 powered by its awesome 4nm mobile processor features the recrafted S-Pen on a 120Hz display equipped to unleash your creative and productive sides at will. Meanwhile, Apple offers the ever popular Apple iPad in a 10.2” screen, the super convenient Apple iPad Mini now sporting an A15 Bionic Chip… and of course the top of the line Apple iPad Pro which boasts a huge 11” retina display and the latest M2 chip with 8-core CPU and 10-core graphics.  

It seems there’s a little tech geek in all of us and with Snaffle offering such an extensive range of Smart Phones, Tablets, Earbuds and Smart Watches, you’re sure to find the right tech gear to get your gadget strut on!