Washing machines

They’ve come a long way since the manual wringer. Imagine life without a good washing machine. (It’s a life with a lot less spare time that’s for sure.) As top loader and front loader technology and energy efficiency has improved, our clothes are treated better and therefore come out cleaner.

A$10.08 /week
A$7.58 /week
A$9.51 /week
A$9.75 /week
A$10.83 /week
A$12.17 /week
A$13.71 /week
A$14.09 /week
A$15.10 /week
A$15.65 /week
A$16.34 /week
A$16.34 /week
A$16.70 /week
A$16.89 /week
A$17.26 /week
A$18.07 /week
A$18.58 /week
A$18.93 /week
A$19.76 /week
A$20.34 /week
A$20.51 /week
A$20.65 /week
A$21.76 /week
A$22.26 /week