Merry Christmas

2020 has been a year to forget in many ways… but here at Snaffle we want to wish you a very happy Christmas by looking back at the good times from the past 12 months.

What were they? Well…

  • You learned how to home school your kids

  • You taught your parents how to use Zoom (or maybe taught yourself)

  • You appreciated freedom in whichever way it came

  • You learned about The Tiger King

  • You got to hang around in tracky dacks all day

  • You completed Netflix

  • You found joy in any opportunity to go back to the office…

…and us

  • We took our existing brands and rolled them up into one shiny new brand, Snaffle.

  • We offered customers something new, with better brands, better prices and flexible options

  • We launched our advert on TV

  • We launched our Facebook and Instagram channels

  • We did it all during a harsh lockdown, learning to appreciate our colleagues as we went

So from us to you…. Thanks for being part of our year and we look forward to enjoying a better one with you in 2021. Warm regards, The Snaffle team