Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Welcome to the $1500 Snaffle Easter Egg hunt!

It’s an awesome Easter tradition for kids to go hunting round the garden and house to fill themselves full of chocolate – and we’re not here to tell you chocolate isn’t awesome because it is.

But we’ve got an Easter Egg hunt with a difference… because the prize for finding it is cold, hard, cash. $1500 of cash to be clear.

So, here’s the deal – we’ve hidden an Easter Egg somewhere in our awesome collection of products. You’ll know you’ve found it because it will have a ribbon saying EASTER EGG and the product picture will have an Easter Egg on it… and there will be a link back to this page in the product text.

All you have to do is find the Easter Egg product, fill in the form below to enter and we’ll draw the winners for the following prizes:

  • 1st prize - $1000

  • 5x runners-up prizes of $100

Happy Hunting – and Happy Easter

Ready to hunt?