How to Snaffle a... mobile phone

Monday, August 3, 2020

What’s that in your hand? Ah it’s almost certainly your phone – the omnipresent, essential life tool that enables our modern life. There’s a fair chance you’re reading these very words on yours. So here's our guide to renting a mobile phone.

Your phone is a camera, games console, computer, video camera and occasionally makes actual phone calls, but with such a choice and variance in price, what should you look for when buying your next mobile? Let Snaffle explain.

Operating system – Android v iOS

The main difference is that iOS is more exclusive. iOS only works on Apple phones while Android works on a variety of different makes. There’s only one iOS, whereas Android has several varieties. And Android allows for more third-party apps. Does any of that make a huge difference? To most users maybe not.

Snaffle says:

It’s a tad controversial but in terms of how you interact with your phone day-to-day most users won’t notice much difference between the two. If you’re a Mac user, having an iPhone makes sense; if you’re after a cheaper option Android is probably a winner.


There’s probably and argument for saying that the modern smartphone is a camera with phone capabilities rather than the other way round. In the era of the selfie, of streaming social media and YouTube, camera quality may well be the most important decision-making factor. Having said that

Snaffle says:

The improved quality of phone cameras has made film makers and photographers of many of us. If you’re an amateur (or pro) photographer this might be the deciding factor with quality in megapixels and quality of effects and features liable to play a part.

Screen size

We don’t really need to explain this one… screens come in one shape but myriad sizes and that’s certain to influence your buying decision.

Snaffle says:

It really boils down to what you are using your phone for and then the more practical elements of whether it fits in your pocket and… whether it fits in your hand. If you work or watch movies on your phone go large. If you’re a one-handed scroller through social media maybe not.

Memory size

The memory size of your phone has a big impact on price, but in a world where our phone stores our music, photos, videos and more, you really want to make sure you have enough space for everything.

Snaffle says:

We recommend checking how much memory you’re currently using as a starting point. Also bear in mind that with Cloud storage options you don’t have to store everything on your phone.