Renting has a new home

inRent is back in business with a new name

Snaffle has taken all the best bits from your in-store experience with inRent, Radio Rentals, RT Edwards and Gedd!t, and packaged them all together to create an awesome new online rental company.

  • Choose from 12, 24 or 36-month contracts

  • Lower prices and regular discounts

  • Introducing a wider product range

  • Order over the phone as well as online

Welcome to the world of Snaffle.

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What is Snaffle?

Snaffle is a brand new online rental company. A world with big brands, small payments, and flexible contracts.

  • WHY Snaffle?

    Because you can rent the stuff you want, at prices you'll like

  • WHAT can I Snaffle?

    Whether it's a mobile phonecomputerhome appliance or furniture… we’ve got you covered with 200+ rental products.

  • HOW do I Snaffle?

    Submit an application online or by calling 1800 762 335 once approved we’ll deliver direct to your door within 10 days. Learn more about how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

My rental agreement is with inRent. Who is inRent?

I have a Rent & Upgrade it contract. Will I still be entitled to an upgrade?

Can I still rent with inRent, Radio Rentals, R.T. Edwards or Gedd!t?

Does this impact my current rental agreement?

Will you be re-opening stores?

The products under my current rental contract are in need of repair, what should I do?

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