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Subscribe to the Snaffle lifestyle and get the stuff you want today, pay for it tomorrow, and keep cash in your pocket to enjoy your life.

Snaffle subscription

For a single low subscription, you get a Snaffle wallet with a weekly credit allowance. Use your wallet to buy anything you like across our awesome range of products, from furniture to tech and everything in between. Snaffle subscribers get exclusive access to low prices, and unlike renting you’ll own the products from day one. Choose to pay off over one, two or three-years locking in bite-size payments with no surprises.    Yeah sounds good... just take me shopping already Yeah sounds good - I wanna find out how much I can put in my wallet

Snaffle rental

If you’d prefer to rent that’s OK with us. Simply select the RENT IT option when you’re on a product page and it will take you to the relevant application page. You’ll still have access to all the best brands for bite-sized payments. Welcome to the world of Snaffle.

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What is Snaffle?

Snaffle is the best way to get the stuff you want today and pay for it tomorrow. A world of big brands, small payments, and flexible contracts.

  • WHY Snaffle?

    Snaffle means you can get what you want, when you want, and keep cash in your pocket to live your life.

  • WHAT can I Snaffle?

    Whether it's a mobile phonecomputerhome appliance or furniture… we’ve got you covered with 600+ products.

  • HOW do I Snaffle?

    Submit an application online or by calling 1800 762 335. Once approved we’ll deliver direct to your door. Learn more about how it works.

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