Karuza Multi Tilt Gaming Chair

A$12.88per week for 1 year
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Snaffle says…

The Karuza Multi Tilt Gaming Chair stands out from the rest of the Karuza family, with a black colour base and red trim stitching along the backrest and seat.

Karuza says…

Set up the chair the way you want. With 3-dimensional armrests, you can angle left, angle right, move forwards and backwards, and up and down.

The Best Bits

  • Define your comfort with the adjustable Head Pillow and Lumbar Cushion.

  • For the times you want to get a little more relaxed, recline your chair to 135°.
  • The 0026+ model comes with an upgraded Tilt Lock Mechanism which allows you to lock your chair in a tilted position.