Google Pixel Buds Pro Fog

Snaffle says…

Meet the Google Pixel Buds Pro, the wireless earbuds with premium, immersive sound that adapts to you as well as Active Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal to block outside sounds and make your music shine.

Google says…

Incorporating Active Noise Cancellation via Silent Seal technology, the Google Pixel Buds Pro adapts to your ears and blocks outside sounds. You’re provided with a quiet foundation to let your music shine.

The Best Bits

  • Designed with custom 11mm speaker drivers and featuring a Volume EQ, the Pixel Buds Pro deliver crisp, clear sound and an immersive listening experience at any volume.

  • The wireless earbuds are specially designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit, with sensors helping minimise the plugged-ear feeling.

  • You can ask Google for directions, respond to texts, or control your music hands-free with these earbuds. And your voice sounds clear even when in loud environments.

  • These Bluetooth earbuds allows for easily switching between previously paired, compatible devices, letting you go from listening to music on your laptop to taking a call on your phone.

  • Water resistant, the Pixel Buds Pro can be worn even during sweaty workouts or on rainy days. Or even when you’re having sweaty workouts on rainy days.

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