LG SN5Y 2.1 Channel Soundbar

Snaffle says…

Experience the amazing surround sound-like audio of the LG SN5Y 2.1 Channel Soundbar featuring DTS Virtual:X™ and the rich, immersive qualities of High Resolution Audio. The sound takes your TV enjoyment to the next level.

Plus, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream your music through this beautifully designed Sound Bar from your smart device.

LG says…

High Resolution Audio delivers 96kHz sampling rates and 24bit depth, for improved sound and a realistic listening experience.

AI Sound Pro automatically analyses content to instantly optimise audio settings for what’s playing. Catch details with clear dialogue or punchy powerful action.

The Best Bits

  • 400W & 2.1 Channels

  • DTS Virtual:X™ for a surround sound-like experience
  • High Resolution Audio for high quality audio
  • AI Sound Pro for automatic audio adjustment

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