Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

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Snaffle says…

With the Google Assistant's "Good Morning" routine you can plan your day from bed. See today's weather, your schedule and commute info and receive the latest news update all while you get that extra 15 minutes of snooze.

Lenovo says…

Communicate with other smart home devices and access them through the one convenient dashboard as it supports more than 40,000 products across 5,000 different brands.

The Best Bits

  • Use this Smart Clock Essential as a speaker which lets you play your favourite music, audiobooks, radio and podcasts from anywhere.

  • A built-in nightlight keeps you from stumbling around in the dark while also dim enough that it won't interrupt your slumber.
  • The Lenovo Smart Clock features a built-in 1x1.5-inch 3W speaker, allowing you to listen to your favourite music, news briefings, audiobooks, podcasts, and radio stations with sharp highs, crisp mids, and detailed bass.

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