Netgear Meural 15” WiFi Photo Frame

A$14.68per week for 1 year
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Snaffle says…

The Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame Powered by NETGEAR lets you share special moments privately and securely almost instantly on a beautiful crystal-clear display. Easily upload your phone's photo collection directly to your pixel-perfect display and invite loved ones to share right to your canvas.

Netgear says…

Meural makes it seamless for you to enjoy and manage your photos. Manage your canvas and schedule your content to display when you want to see it. Link your photo albums on your phone to your canvas to have them magically update on your frame when you make album changes on your phone.

The Best Bits

  • Share with your favorite people: Invite your family and friends to send photos and short video clips to your Meural canvas - from anywhere.

  • Showcase your photos: Easily upload, crop, and exceptionally showcase your photography in the fullest, richest detail.
  • View in portrait or landscape: Built-in premium metal stand allows you to view your photos in their natural orientation either in portrait or landscape.

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