ViewSonic M1+ G2 Smart LED Portable Projector with Harman Kardon Speakers

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Snaffle says…

The ViewSonic M1+_G2 is an iF award-winning, ultra-portable LED projector that can deliver a convenient, enjoyable entertainment experience anywhere it goes.

ViewSonic says…

Its smart stand enables simple 360-degree setup, while doubling as a lens cover. Once the lens is uncovered, the projector automatically powers on to full brightness for instant entertainment.

Stereo Harman Kardon speakers provide room-filling sound for an amplified experience, while more flexible audio needs can be realized via Bluetooth.

The Best Bits

  • Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity makes streaming easier than ever!

  • Up to 6 hours of battery life (in eco mode) for multimedia on the go, without the hassle and clutter of cables and power supplies.
  • Equipped with a small footprint yet big performance, the M1+_G2 weighs in at 750g and packs down to the size of a hardcover.

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