Ostro Esperence 2 & 3 Seater Sofa Dark Grey Bundle

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This bundle includes: Ostro Esperence 2 Seater Sofa Dark Grey and Ostro Esperence 3 Seater Sofa Dark Grey.

Snaffle says…

The Ostro Esperence 2 and 3 Seater Sofa is both stylish and comfortable with high density foam that will get you relaxed as soon as you sit down after a stressful day at work.

Ostro says…

Behind the contemporary styling is S-shaped springs which are made to increase comfort level even more. Not only is this comfy, the suspension will also last longer than regular sofa springs.

The Best Bits

  • Dacron

  • 100% polyester
  • High density foam
  • Seat suspension

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