Ostro Freycinet 4 Seater Left Hand Chaise Lounge Dove

Snaffle says…

Take a seat, stretch your legs out on the chaise, and you’ll be cushioned by the high density foam seat padding, ensuring wonderful comfort. The seat further benefits from the S-shape spring suspension which enhances support.

The Dacron back padding allows for extra fullness and softness, so sit back and settle in while you’re embraced in total comfort.

Ostro says…

Boasting a stylish sleek design complete with side armrests and funky metal legs, the fabric is composed of 100% polyester with a delightful dove-coloured finish, an ideal fit for any living room.

The Best Bits

  • High density foam in the seats ensures your maximum comfort.

  • Behind the exterior, S-shaped springs suspend the seats to further enhance your comfort.
  • Dacron allows the back padding to be soft while keeping its plump shape.