Ostro Hunter Modular Lounge with Storage Ottoman Champagne

A$70.12per week for 1 year
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Snaffle says…

Settle into the spacious Hunter modular lounge with storage ottoman and enjoy pure comfort.     The convenient modular design allows you to rearrange its pieces to the layout that best suits your living room, with a total of five different rearrangement options.

Ostro says…

Designed with contemporary elegance, this sofa is covered with high quality polyester and nylon. The subtle legs complete the look, providing an attractive addition to any living room.

The Best Bits

  • While seated your back will be caressed by padding made from expandable polyethylene.

  • Covered with polyester and nylon, this luxurious sofa feels wonderful to the touch.
  • The maneuverable storage ottoman offers more than just a stylish and comfortable place to sit or rest your feet.