Weber Q Premium barbecue cover

Snaffle says…

Ensure your Weber Q grill remains in prime condition by shielding it from the rigours of outdoor exposure. Equipped with a fastening drawcord, this cover ensures a secure fit, preventing it from being dislodged by strong winds. Crafted from a lightweight yet robust material, it offers excellent resistance to water and UV rays, effectively prolonging the lifespan of your grill.

Weber says…

Designed for convenience and durability, this cover combines practicality with reliability. Its fastening drawcord ensures a snug fit, safeguarding your Weber Q grill from the elements. Engineered from lightweight, resilient material, it effectively repels water and UV rays, providing long-lasting protection against outdoor wear and tear.

The Best Bits

  • Experience the ultimate in convenience and protection with our Weber cover, expertly crafted from lightweight yet incredibly durable material. Its innovative design ensures effortless handling while maintaining superior strength, providing reliable protection for your grill against outdoor elements.

  • No need to worry about rain showers or scorching sunlight damaging your prized grill anymore. Our cover boasts exceptional water and UV resistance, keeping your Weber Q shielded from the elements year-round. Rain or shine, your grill stays safe and ready for action.

  • With the added convenience of a fastening drawcord, securing your cover in place has never been easier. Say goodbye to flapping covers blown away by gusty winds. Simply tighten the drawcord for a snug, secure fit, ensuring your grill remains protected and ready to impress at a moment's notice.

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