Weber Spirit II E310 Black LPG BBQ

Snaffle says…

Gather your family and friends together and grill up a storm with the Weber Spirit II E-310 Three Burner LPG BBQ. With the large cooking area, heated by three GS4 stainless steel burners, you can comfortably cook everything from steaks, chicken, and fish, to an assortment of veggies. With the Flavourizer Bars, marinades, juices, and drippings are directed away from the burners to minimise flare ups and can be vaporised, imparting a smoky flavour to your food.

Weber says…

Two stainless steel benches provide you with an abundance of space for food preparation and more, while the open cart provides enough storage for all your cooking equipment. With six tool holders, you can store your bbq tools when not in use, including tongs and spatulas.

The Best Bits

  • When you purchase selected Weber products, your grill will be protected for up to 10 years, meaning you not only have a high quality product, but a quality premium care plan too.

  • Enjoy the comfort of barbecuing wherever you wish thanks to the handy transport wheels. It comes as no shock that some barbecues are quite heavy, and the transport wheels allow you to lift up one side and roll it to where you wish it to be.
  • Enjoy the convenience of side shelves on this freestanding model, for the storage of items you’ll need, both before and after cooking. Chopping boards, plates, knives, and more will remain in easy reach at all times.
  • Knowing the temperature of your barbecue is one of the secrets to great cooking. The built-in hood thermometer keeps you informed as to the internal temperature, negating the need to open the hood, consequently letting the heat out.

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