Snaffle says…

The DEEBOT T9+ is capable of taking on any manner floor surfaces without you breaking into a sweat. With its advanced OZMO™ Pro feature, it simultaneously sweeps, vacuums and mops your floor to effectively remove stubborn stains off of any floor surfaces. The new OZMO™ Pro Oscillating Mopping Kit is now also quieter than ever. Ultra-High Suction Power The suction power of the DEEBOT T9+ is doubled. What’s more, the DEEBOT T9+ adopts high-strength fiberglass to maintain steady suction power for a longer lasting clean, and effectively vacuums dust off of both hard floors and carpets.

Ecovacs says…

Disposable Mopping Pad The disposable design of the mopping pad is convenient - simply attach, mop and throw it away immediately after use. The microfiber cloth efficiency capture dust locks away stains and avoids leaving residue. Auto-Empty Station No longer worry about emptying your dustbin every day. With the included auto-empty station, the DEEBOT T9+ empties itself into a sealed disposable dust bag that holds up to 30 days of debris without leakage.

The Best Bits

  • Optimal solutions for precision cleaning and protection

  • Advanced app upgrade for optimal cleaning route
  • A luxurious cleaning experience with Air Freshener
  • High performance and effective cleaning