Snaffle says…

Silently gliding around your home, cleaning as it goes, the Eufy Robot Vacuum is a fierce protector of an immaculate and hygienic home. Multiple cleaning modes and a pre-set cleaning time ensure the vacuuming is done each day, even if it isn’t by you. Get on with your day or sit back and relax as the powerful suction power picks up dust, dirt, and small debris.

Eufy says…

Combining a dual-layer filter and a high-performance filter, the Eufy Robot Vacuum effectively cleans your entire home, for 100 minutes per charge. When power is low, the Eufy senses and navigates its way back to the charging base, ready to go again the next day. If your home has ledges, steps, or small drops, the drop-sensing technology detects and avoids those drops, while still cleaning around them.

The Best Bits

  • Calling on additional suction power when more vacuuming strength is needed, BoostIQ ensures that every part of your home receives an equally spectacular clean.

  • A dual-layer filter, and a single high-performance filter work in tandem to ensure that dust, debris, and dirt is picked up and removed from your home.
  • Reducing the frequency of emptying, the large capacity dust box can hold up a maximum of up to 0.6L of dirt.