Vax Blade Cordless Handstick Vacuum

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Snaffle says…

Who doesn’t love vacuuming without the cables continually getting in the way? Well OK maybe nobody loves vacuuming but that’s exactly why it pays to make it as quick, efficient and easy as possible. With a boost mode and various attachments Vax helps you do that.

Vax says…

Looking for a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that has plenty of run time and power so you can get all your vacuuming done in one session? The Vax Blade SlimVac offers up to 35 minutes of fade-free power thanks to its efficient lithium battery technology.

The Best Bits

  • Direct Helix Technology for maximum performance

  • Flexibility thanks to the 2-in-1 functionality, with a handheld and handstick vacuum cleaner in one
  • Vax Smart Control: power time remaining feature so you're never caught off guard.
  • Vax VX60 SlimVac Vacuum Cleaner has a boost mode to instantly increase suction power and clean those stubborn areas.
  • Capable of up to 35 minutes of runtime

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