Victa Super Mulcher 18" Mulch Or Catch Lawn Mower

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Snaffle says…

Swathe through your grass with the greatest of ease and create great mulch as a by-product with this offering from Victa. The engine fires up easily and cuts through even wet, thick grass with the quad-blade cutting system.

Victa says…

Cut grass with this Aussie icon designed and assembled right here in Australia - the Victa Super Mulcher 18" Mulch Or Catch Lawn Mower! Featuring Victa's ReadyStart technology, with a No Prime and No Choke easy smooth PullStart - gone are the days of pulling a cord multiple times to start.  Ultimate Mulching Performance - Unique mulching blade-disc design generates air-circulation beneath the mower continually cutting the grass creating a fine mulch for your yard!

The Best Bits

  • Briggs & Stratton 550EX Engine is extremely powerful but lightweight, made of durable materials designed for optimal performance and longevity.

  • Victa Quad Blade System provides a cleaner cut and improved catching
  • Ready Start technology for Smooth Pull Start Comfort Grip Handle

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