Linen House Queen Electric Quilted Blanket

Snaffle says…

Designed for all seasons, the quilted electric blanket from Linen House has an 80 GSM fill that supports warmer sleep in winter and cooler sleep in summer. Further, it has a removable mattress topper complete with a zip.

Linen House says…

Each side of the double, queen and king blankets have individual controllers that feature 4 different heat-zone options, which operate simultaneously, whereas the controller is positioned on the left-hand side of the single and king single sizes. One side may be set-up with varied heat levels between your torso and feet while the opposite side may use different temperatures.

The Best Bits

  • The easy-to-read LED display is designed for dimly lit to dark rooms while the control unit features 9 heat settings and an easy-to-set timer. Being machine-washable, the quilted topper can be removed for quick, easy laundering without removing the wired section or controllers. The 50cm fitted skirt will fit over larger modern mattresses.

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