Dinamica Plus Coffee Machine

Snaffle says…

On the surface, it sounds like a fully automatic coffee machine signifies the surrender of control. What if we told you a De’Longhi fully automatic machine grants you even greater control over the profile of your coffee?

This machine features De’Longhi’s unique LatteCrema System that has been engineered for crafting the ultimate cappuccino. Ensure you get the perfect density, creaminess, and temperature, and produce foam that lasts until the final sip. You have the option of brewing two espresso shots at once and, with a new tubeless system within the grinder, you’re getting fresh coffee every time without lingering grounds from past uses.

De'Longhi says…

The soft touch interface contains buttons for classic coffee options such as the latte and flat white, doing away with the guesswork of manual steaming. The My Menu button opens up even more possibilities for personalisation at your fingertips, and this convenience extends to the self-cleaning carafe.

The Best Bits

  • LatteCrema System

  • A dense, velvety foam is what separates the classic cappuccino from other coffee drinks such as the latte and flat white. De’Longhi have honed their own formula for the perfect cappuccino, understanding that the top layer of foam is not just something perched on your coffee, but an element that trickles into every stage of the beverage. The result of LatteCrema is a foam that combines the perfect density with the ideal creaminess. It will infuse your espresso with the heat it needs, and will stick around until the final drop.
  • Self-cleaning milk carafe
  • The automation of the frothing system extends to the final stage of using your machine: the cleaning. Once you have finished making your coffee, set the milk carafe to self-clean mode and water will flush out any milk residue inside the spout, which is especially useful if you leave long intervals between machine use. If you have leftover milk in the carafe, you can easily store it in your fridge door.
  • Accommodates beans or grounds
  • Fill the machine’s hopper with your favourite beans, or scoop pre-ground coffee into the unit’s top funnel. The funnel is handy because you may want to experiment with a different brand of coffee without overhauling the beans already in the chamber. The hopper cover will preserve the aroma of your coffee, and a knob inside allows you to adjust the coarseness of your grind.
  • My Menu
  • Your favourite coffee beverages all begin with the same fundamental ingredient: a shot of espresso. It’s the amount of steamed milk, along with its presentation, that separates a cappuccino from a latte. The My Menu function gives you ample control over the variables of your foam, so the risk of scalding your milk by manually frothing is a non-issue. You can create, customise, and save your unique coffee beverages using this menu, so you don’t have to painstakingly remember the variables each time.

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