Snaffle says…

On the surface, it sounds like a fully automatic coffee machine signifies the surrender of control. What if we told you a De’Longhi fully automatic machine grants you even greater control over the profile of your coffee?

Whether you like a strong brew or something a bit milder, you can achieve the result you’re looking for just by pressing the buttons or turning the knob on the electronic control panel. The guesswork of tamping your grounds is a non-issue. This machine can accommodate whole coffee beans or pre-ground coffee, and the consistency of the grind is completely up to you.

DeLonghi says…

While this machine’s espresso preparation is fully automatic, it comes equipped with a manual milk frother - ideal if you prefer a hotter cup of coffee. Maintaining your machine is simple - the brewing unit can be removed for cleaning, to ensure hygienic operation and optimum machine longevity.

The Best Bits

  • Simple customisation

  • De’Longhi’s fully automatic coffee machines not only allow you to concoct a wide variety of coffee drinks; you also get to fine-tune the strength and aroma of your cup. The beauty of automatic coffee machines is that you minimise the process of trial and error. Once you find the settings that work for you, you can pump out the exact same brew each time.
  • Easy maintenance
  • A transparent water tank means you’ll always know when it’s time for a refill, and it lifts out from the side of the machine with ease. The brewing unit is the core of an automatic machine, responsible for the grunt work your hands would take care of with a manual machine. This machine has an extractable brewing unit for convenient cleaning, which will ensure a hygienic result every time.
  • Accommodates beans or grounds
  • Fill the machine’s hopper with your favourite beans, or scoop pre-ground coffee into the unit’s top funnel. The funnel is handy because you may want to experiment with a different brand of coffee without overhauling the beans already in the chamber. The hopper cover will preserve the aroma of your coffee, and a knob inside allows you to adjust the coarseness of your grind.
  • Manual milk frother
  • We get it. You bought a fully automatic coffee machine because the barista life is not for you. But a bit of work experience never hurt anyone. The manual milk frother will allow you to achieve the perfect microfoam, and you can submerge the wand for longer to get a hotter coffee.