Series 8 Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Snaffle says…

Satisfy your caffeine cravings with more control than ever with this built-in, fully-automatic coffee machine from Bosch. If you value consistency in your cup, this is the machine for you.

Using the 4.1-inch TFT digital display, you can browse a menu of coffee and milk beverages including espresso, cappuccino, and latte macchiato, just to name a few. A machine for all occasions, it allows you to adjust the temperature and volume with every beverage you make. The internal sensoFlow system ensures you’re always brewing at optimal temperature, saving you from the disappointment of burning coffee or under-extracting its aromas. Grind your beans with impeccable accuracy, courtesy of the SilentCeram Drive that helps all the nuances in your beans come to the fore. If you’re in the mood for a double shot, Bosch’s AromaDouble Shot mechanism will produce an extra-strong coffee without the bitterness, thanks to dual grinding and brewing processes. You can double your cup along with your shot, with the ability to prepare two coffees at once. If you’re in a large household, you’ll appreciate the MyCoffee feature, allowing you to save up to eight individual custom beverages under separate names. Maintenance is a breeze, courtesy of an automatic steam blast that rinses out the milk system following each coffee, and a Calc’nClean program for ridding the machine of scale deposits and coffee residue. The brewing unit is the machine’s heart and soul, and you can maintain optimum hygiene by rinsing it under running water.

Bosch says…

For cravings great and small, just look to your wall. This in-built coffee machine from Bosch will please everyone in your home, no matter the time of day.

The Best Bits

  • Custom beverage creation

  • Bring up to eight coffee sensations into fruition with the MyCoffee function. Program your beverage’s espresso-to-milk ratio and temperature, and then save it under your name for easy accessibility.
  • Smooth double shot
  • Many people associate a double shot of espresso with a bitter cup of coffee, but bitterness shouldn’t enter into the equation if the beverage is brewed correctly. AromaDouble Shot technology gives you an extra-strong coffee without any bitterness, thanks to dual grinding and brewing processes.
  • Intelligent heating system
  • When your brewing temperature isn’t hot enough, a lot of flavour stays inside your beans. When it’s too hot, you’ll notice an unmistakable burnt taste. The clever sensoFlow system heats water to the optimum temperature of between 90°C and 95°C throughout the entire brewing process, for a full-bodied coffee every single time.
  • Two cups are better than one
  • Coffee tastes better when shared with someone special. The OneTouch DoubleCup feature allows you to prepare two cups of the same coffee specialty at once.

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