Bosch Serie 6 80cm Induction Cooktop

Snaffle says…

Transform your kitchen experience with the Bosch 80cm Serie 6 Induction Cooktop, designed to elevate your culinary prowess with cutting-edge technology. Featuring a spacious surface with four cooking zones, including the versatile CombiZone that merges two zones into one, this cooktop offers unparalleled flexibility for all your cooking needs, from delicate simmering to intense searing. With 17 precise power levels and a PowerBoost function, you can achieve rapid heating and precise control at your fingertips, ensuring every dish is cooked to perfection.

Bosch says…

Engineered with safety in mind, the cooktop includes essential features like a child lock to prevent unintended adjustments and residual heat indicators for peace of mind after cooking. The sleek touch controls at the front provide effortless operation, while the blend of black ceramic and stainless steel accents not only enhances durability but also adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen décor. Embrace the fusion of innovation and elegance with the Bosch Serie 6 Induction Cooktop, where functionality meets style for an exceptional cooking experience.

The Best Bits

  • CombiZone: Maximise your cooking flexibility with Bosch's CombiZone, allowing you to merge two cooking zones into one larger area. Perfect for accommodating larger pots and pans, this feature ensures you have the space you need for versatile cooking styles.

  • Easy Clean Ceramic Surface: Experience effortless maintenance with the easy-clean ceramic surface of this cooktop. Its durable glass design not only enhances the aesthetic of your kitchen but also allows for quick clean up of spills and splashes, keeping your workspace pristine with minimal effort.

  • Efficient Induction Heating: Harness the power of induction technology, which heats pots and pans directly for fast, efficient, and safe cooking. By heating the cookware itself rather than the surface, these cooktops offer precise temperature control and rapid heating, making meal preparation faster and more energy-efficient.

  • Simple Controls: Enjoy intuitive cooking control with straightforward touch controls. Select your desired cooking zone and adjust the power level effortlessly, allowing you to achieve optimal cooking results with ease and convenience.

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