Bosch Serie 6 Freestanding Dishwasher

Snaffle says…

Enjoy a smarter and better connected with this Bosch Serie 6 Freestanding Dishwasher. Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can remotely control the unit using Bosch’s Home Connect app, making everyday chores easier. Enhance and simplify the way you do your dishwashing chores with this reliable and intelligently designed dishwasher from Bosch.

Bosch says…

Tough on grime, the Extra Clean Zone is perfect for dishes with stubborn grease. This section provides more water saturation and delivers an intensive wash for better results. The baskets and racks are designed to give you greater flexibility, from the adaptable Max Flex Pro baskets to the adjustable Rackmatic. There are eight programs available to suit your needs. Save on energy use with Eco Wash or quickly clean a small, lightly soiled load with Express Wash. You can even run the dishwasher and maintain a peaceful environment with the ExtraQuiet cycle.

The Best Bits

  • RackMatic baskets

  • The RackMatic top basket is designed to adjust to three height levels to give you flexibility when you’re loading or unloading the dishwasher, or when you need to fit large items.
  • ExtraDry for drier dishes
  • You shouldn’t have to dry your dishes after your dishwasher is done cleaning them. With just the touch of a button, activating this unit’s ExtraDry option dries your dishes extra-thoroughly by higher temperatures during the rinse cycle and a longer drying phase.
  • EcoSilence Drive for quiet operation
  • Entertain guests without distractions or relax at home in peace thanks to the EcoSilence Drive. This motor is engineered with a brushless design to ensure extremely quiet operation without compromising on performance, efficiency, and durability.
  • Extra-clean dishes with HygienePlus
  • Bosch’s HygienePlus cycle increases water temperature to eliminate harmful bacteria. This extra-hygienic feature gives you peace of mind by making sure your dishes and utensils not only look pristine, but provide superior cleaning for a happy and healthy home.
  • Extra Dry Option: For additional drying.
  • Max Flex-baskets: Flexible and stable loading for your dishes, with superior sliding performance.
  • Rackmatic Upper Basket: Top basket adjustable on three Levels offers additional space.
  • Home Connect: Home appliances with Smart Technology via WiFi Connectivity.
  • EcoSilence Drive®: Quiet and Energy-Efficient Brushless Motor (BLDC)
  • AquaStop™ Plus: Water supply device with lifetime anti-flood protection.
  • DosageAssist™: Maximises the effectiveness of detergent tablets.
  • AutoBrilliance™: Automatic detergent and rinse aid sensor.
  • Heat Exchanger: - hydroDry heat exchanger assists with condensation to help dry dishes.
  • Time Delay Start: Delay program start time by 1-24 hours to suit your schedule.
  • Special Options: Extra Dry, Hygiene Plus, Speed Perfect, Machine Care
  • Wash Cycles:
  • Eco Wash 45 °C 
  • Auto Wash 45-65°C
  • Auto Gentle  
  • Pots & Pans 70°C 
  • Express Wash
  • Quick 1hr 65°C
  • Favorite Cycle.
  • Glass Wash 40°C

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