Snaffle says…

Dry your clothes efficiently with the 6kg Fisher & Paykel Vented Sensor Dryer without over drying, with multiple ways to install and vent.

Auto-sensing prevents over-drying by sensing moisture levels inside the drum and shutting off automatically. This helps clothes last for longer and reduces energy consumption.

Fisher & Paykel says…

This model has four fabric care cycles including Delicate and Heavy, so all your items are taken care of. Select a cycle with the easy to use SmartTouch™ controls.

Vent out either the front or the back of this dryer. A wall mounting kit is included and the control panel can be inverted easily.

The Best Bits

  • Auto-sensing detects moisture level to prevent under or over drying

  • Six fabric care cycles including Freshen, Heavy and Delicate
  • Full reverse tumbling to help dry garments quicker and more evenly
  • Delay Start so you can set the start time to suit your schedule