8kg Fisher & Paykel Condenser Dryer

Snaffle says…

The Fisher & Paykel 8kg condenser dryer is suitable for meeting the laundry needs of families. Plus, thanks to condensing technology which emits less moisture, this dryer is suitable for a wider range of laundry spaces.

Fisher & Paykel says…

This dryer offers 13 dry cycles including Freshen, Heavy, and Easy Iron to cater for every type of load. With clever Auto-sensing technology, this unit is able to monitor moisture levels within the drum to prevent over or under-drying. It also comes with a handy internal drying rack, which is ideal for items that can’t be tumbled like teddy bears or shoes.

The Best Bits

  • Using the drying rack will prevent items from being tumbled. This is ideal for items such as damp boots or delicate teddy bears.

  • This clever technology monitors moisture levels within the drum to detect how wet or dry your clothes are.
  • The handy interior drum light turns on when you open the dryer door.

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