9kg Bosch Heat Pump Dryer

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Snaffle says…

The 9kg Bosch Heat Pump Dryer boasts an 8-star energy rating, reducing running costs and your impact on the environment. This large-capacity, highly efficient dryer is suitable for large families and busy households.

Bosch says…

From delicate items to woollens, your precious garments are thoroughly and gently clean to ensure they retain their integrity. The Sensitive Drying System utilises the gentle drum design to provide soft and even drying for every load.   The AutoDry sensors detect the dampness of your laundry during a cycle and stops automatically when the desired dryness level has been reached.

The Best Bits

  • The AntiVibration side walls provide greater stability and reduces vibration.

  • A high star-rating is achieved with this dryer thanks to the ultra-efficient ActiveAir technology.
  • Sensor drying saves time and energy by monitoring the temperature and moisture level to ensure garments are dried to the desired setting.

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