Beko 7kg Heat Pump Dryer

Snaffle says…

Made in Europe and packed with intelligent drying technology, the Beko Seven Kilo Heat Pump Dryer is a garment guardian, designed to take care of your clothing as they dry.

Beko says…

Understanding that tumbling can sometimes be tough on clothing, Beko developed the AquaWave system to improve the drying performance. Combining curved door glass and specially-designed paddles, this tumble dryer moves your laundry in a wave-like pattern, treating your clothing with the respect they deserve.

The Best Bits

  • For those moments when you cannot unload your laundry as soon as the cycle finishes, the anti-creasing function will periodically spin the drum over a two hour period, minimising wrinkles.

  • Eliminate allergens from your laundry with the BabyProtect program. Utilising high temperatures, this program provides a deep sterilisation of your garments, getting rid of pollen and dust mites.

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