Bosch Serie 4 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

Snaffle says…

With a 7-star energy rating, this Bosch Serie 4 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer provides both easy drying convenience and energy efficiency. With a wide range of programs to choose from, you can provide precise care depending on the fabric or garment type.

Bosch says…

Your clothes are well-protected thanks to the SensitiveDrying System. You can enjoy gently dried laundry that is soft and fluffy with minimal creases. In addition, this dryer helps prevent over-drying of clothes with the AutoDry feature which automatically stops the cycle once the desired dryness level is reached.

The Best Bits

  • ActiveAir: A high star-rating is achieved with this dryer thanks to the ultra-efficient ActiveAir technology. This system conserves energy by reusing existing heat during the entire drying process. This makes it an economical and efficient drying option.

  • AutoDry system for perfect drying: To prevent garment shrinkage, uneven drying, and overheating, this dryer has an AutoDry system to measure and detect moisture and temperature levels. This system provides precise, gentle, and consistent drying.
  • Sensitive Drying System: With a flow of mild, warm air coming from all sides of the drum, combined with the soft carriers, your clothing is dried gently and effectively without creasing.
  • Anti-crease function: When you cannot unload your laundry as soon as the cycle finishes, the anti-creasing function will loosen the laundry after the program to minimise wrinkles and creases.

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