Electrolux 6kg Vented Dryer

Snaffle says…

Featuring Sensor Dry, this smart dryer will ensure precise drying to not only protect your clothes from damage but also cut down on energy wastage. Use the control dial and the easy-to-read control panel to select from a range of programs to suit your drying needs. You can set the cycle based on time, or desired temperature setting. From everyday loads, delicate items, or a simple refresh cycle to air out garments, there’s an option for every situation. Inside, the durable stainless steel drum can reverse the tumbling direction to ensure every garment is evenly dried and to prevent the load from bunching up and creating creases.

Electrolux says…

Reliable and simple to operate, this Electrolux 6kg Vented Dryer is a fuss-free solution for busy households. This dryer can be installed on the floor or mounted on the wall to better fit your laundry space. A flexible dryer to ensure laundry day is a breeze.

The Best Bits

  • Reverse tumble for even drying

  • This dryer reverses the tumble direction to ensure your garments are dried thoroughly and evenly. This also helps to prevent tangling and reduce creases so you spend less time ironing.
  • Sensor Dry function
  • Rest assured your garments are dried gently and precisely thanks to the Sensor Dry feature. Not only will this provide perfect fabric care, it will also help you save time and energy as it automatically stops the cycle when the desired dryness is reached.
  • Timed drying options
  • Whether you need to quickly dry a small load, or you have a busy schedule, you can time your drying program so it’s ready when you need it.
  • Clean Filter indicator
  • This dryer will remind you when the filter needs to be cleaned to ensure it operates efficiently with every cycle.

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