Haier 6kg Sensor Dryer

Snaffle says…

Enjoy the convenience of a reliable dryer at home with the Haier 6kg Vented Dryer. Ideal for small households or couples, this dryer can keep you on top of your laundry chores in no time.

Haier says…

This dryer is simple to operate thanks to its straightforward drying options and user-friendly controls. The handy sensor drying feature ensures your garments are not overdried.

The Best Bits

  • Thanks to the included wall mounting kit you can save valuable space in your laundry by installing the dryer up onto the wall.

  • The lint filter is easily accessible to make removing collected lint after each cycle simple.
  • By periodically reversing the direction in which the drum spins during the cycle, tangling and wrinkles are reduced and even drying is achieved.

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