Haier 319L Chest Freezer

Snaffle says…

A chest freezer is a fantastic way to have more room at home for frozen food. If the freezer in your main fridge is always overloaded, it may be ideal to have a separate freezer for all your frozen meats, vegetables, and ice-cream.

The Haier HCF324W2 Chest Freezer with 319litres of useable capacity will give you ample room for storage. You can bulk-buy your groceries and keep them frozen for later use. You can keep them organised by utilising the removable wire baskets.

Haier says…

For those who like to prepare and cook their meals in advance, you can freeze them and you can enjoy a delicious dinner with minimal preparation. Perfect for those long days when you can’t summon the energy to make an entire meal from scratch.

This chest freezer from Haier is a reliable option for busy households who want greater storage flexibility and the convenience of a separate freezer.

The Best Bits

  • SuperFreeze function

  • The SuperFreeze function can be used to rapidly freeze new items in order to lock in the freshness and nutrients of your foods the instant you return from the shops. This is ideal for anyone who prefers to shop smart by buying in bulk - you'll be able to save more food to enjoy later.
  • Counterweight lid
  • For complete convenience, the counterweight lid with recessed grip is easy to lift. Ideal for everyday access and perfect for when your hands are full.
  • Convenient Storage Basket
  • This freezer comes with a wire basket for storing commonly used items, this basket is also removable when extra space is required for larger items.
  • Easy set temperature controls
  • Enjoy simple-to-use temperature controls: choose the desired level and adjust as required.

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