Haier 705L Chest Freezer

Snaffle says…

This large capacity chest freezer from Haier is ideal for large households, families who buy food or prepare meals in bulk, and for those who regularly entertain. The Haier HCF719W2 model gives you plenty of room to store your meats, vegetables, and frozen meals. The adjustable wire baskets make it easy to organise your freezer. These baskets are removable if you need to make space for bulky items. The temperature control is front-positioned, making it easy to set. The energy-efficient design helps to reduce your power consumption.

Haier says…

Suitable for those who like to plan ahead, you can prepare meals and freeze them for later consumption, or preserve meats for your next big barbecue. This Haier Chest Freezer is the ultimate companion for busy households.

The Best Bits

  • Easy set temperature controls

  • Enjoy simple-to-use temperature controls: choose the desired level and adjust as required.
  • SuperFreeze function
  • The SuperFreeze function can be used to rapidly freeze new items in order to lock in the freshness and nutrients of your foods the instant you return from the shops. This is ideal for anyone who prefers to shop smart by buying in bulk - you'll be able to save more food to enjoy later.
  • Counterweight lid
  • For complete convenience, the counterweight lid with recessed grip is easy to lift. Ideal for everyday access and perfect for when your hands are full.
  • Internal light
  • Find what you need quickly and easily thanks to bright internal light. Whether you’re looking for frozen meat or ice-cream, you won’t be rummaging through your freezer for long.

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