Snaffle says…

OK we’ll be honest; we haven’t got a lot to say about this that you can’t work out for yourself. The capacity offered by chest freezers offers the major benefit over an upright option so if you’ve got a big need for freezing space this is a big solution.

Hisense says…

This model stores plenty of frozen food and an adjustable wire rack makes everything easily accessible. An adjustable temperature control keeps food at the proper storage conditions and a Fast Freeze function gets contents frozen quickly.

The Best Bits

  • Front facing defrosting drain makes defrosting your freezer a piece of cake

  • Easy to open with a counter weighted door and the added baskets inside are really convenient to store your smaller items at the top for easy access
  • The castor wheels lets you move it easily but allows the convenience to move away from walls to clean under or around the appliance