Westinghouse 238L Single Door Freezer White

Snaffle says…

The twist ice dispenser will give you plenty of ice supply for ice-cold drinks in the summer and for your favourite cocktails. The Quick Freeze function can be used to quickly freeze your meals to lock in nutrients and the flavour of your food.

Westinghouse says…

The Westinghouse 254L Upright Freezer, with a fresh white finish, is a useful and practical solution to your freezer needs. This unit gives you plenty of room for your frozen treats and frozen meals, and it’s easy to keep organised with five full-width freezer bins

The Best Bits

  • The nifty Quick Freeze feature rapidly brings down the temperature to freeze food quickly once they're put away. This can help to retain the freshness, taste, and nutrition of your food.

  • The reversible door on the Westinghouse upright freezer lets you enjoy more options for conveniently positioning the freezer to suit different kitchen layouts.
  • Optimised freezer space with five full-width bins and two spacious shelves. Store meat and chicken, frozen vegetables, and ice cream in separate bins, and arrange items neatly on the shelves for quick and easy access.
  • The sleek electronic control panel inside the fridge displays the fridge temperature and allows easy choice of power, temperature, eco mode, quick freeze, and lock.

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