Snaffle says…

The 400L Samsung Top Mount Stainless Steel Fridge delivers options, including the ability to convert the freezer into a fridge at the touch of a button!

The smart freezer gives you 5 modes to choose from and is perfect for when you need more room for fresh food and cold drinks! And thanks to the twin cooling, you can even switch off the freezer or fridge while you’re away on holidays.

Get the most out of your food thanks to the humidity control setting, which helps keep food fresh for longer.

Samsung says…

Enjoy the versatility that comes with the 400L Samsung Top Mount Stainless Steel Fridge!

The Best Bits

  • Keep fruit and veg fresh for longer thanks to the adjustable humidity setting on the crisper drawer 

  • The freezer is smart and very handy! It converts to a fridge at the press of a button! 
  • Popular stainless steel finish with reversible doors