Snaffle says…

We can’t pretend to understand the science behind the Twin Cooling technology but we trust it keeps your food fresher. What we can get our heads round is the flexibility of being able to use the top compartment as a fridge or a freezer depending on your needs at the time.

Samsung says…

Samsung's Twin Cooling Plus technology helps keep food fresh, utilising separate cooling systems in the refrigerator and freezer, designed to help provide outstanding humidity and temperature control whilst minimising the mixing of odours.

The Best Bits

  • Samsung 471L Top Mount Fridge with Twin Cooling Plus’s Smart Conversion Mode allows you to convert the freezer into a fridge, giving you more storage space when you need it the most

  • Flexible storage options thanks to the removable shelves and storage bins
  • Two separate coolers maintain fridge and freezer conditions independently preventing air from travelling between the two sections
  • Making ice is more convenient with Samsung Top Mount Fridge’s Twist Tray Ice Maker