Haier 466L Quad Door Fridge with Water Dispenser

Snaffle says…

With 466-litres, this Haier Quad Door Refrigerator offers a generous capacity suiting a large family home. Finished in Satina with elegant recessed handles, this Haier matches well in modern kitchen spaces, complementing other steel appliances. The freezer offers easy-access drawers, which gently glide open with a light pull. This layout allows you to easily organise your frozen items, from frozen fish to frozen yoghurt. If you’ve just come home with a big grocery haul, select the SuperFreeze function to snap-freeze your groceries to effectively preserve their freshness and flavour.

Haier says…

Seamlessly integrated into the front of this door is an automatic water dispenser which provides your household with fresh water at the push of a button. Settings can be adjusted on the fly using the external electronic controls, stylishly designed with LED display and touch-sensitive buttons, you will be able to manually control temperatures throughout the unit. You can even use the Smart Lock door system to keep the doors shut from little intruders, so you can have peace of mind when away from the kitchen. At the base of the fridge compartment, you’ll find the humidity-controlled crispers, the perfect location for all of your fresh produce, providing longer-lasting fresh food preservation.

The Best Bits

  • Dry storage zone

  • This clever compartment offers a low humidity environment. This reduces moisture, making it ideal for keeping items like deli meats, cheese, and nuts in optimum condition.
  • Fresh storage zone
  • This specialised storage zone provides the ideal environment for fresh food to help retain its freshness, flavour, and nutritional value.
  • Water dispenser
  • Conveniently located on the door exterior is the non-plumbed water dispenser. Enjoy easy access to cool water and easy filling of glasses.
  • Lock in nutrients with SuperFreeze
  • Put away items with ease after grocery shopping thanks to the easy-access freezer drawer design. Lock in the freshness and nutrients by activating the Super Freeze function, which rapidly brings down the temperature.

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