Hisense 205L Top Mount Refrigerator

Snaffle says…

With LED lighting, recessed door handles, an adjustable fridge shelf, a multi air flow system and more, this Hisense top mount fridge is the perfect kitchen additional for one to two people.

Hisense says…

The Hisense 205L Top Mount Refrigerator comes equipped with an unmatched selection of features, perfect for the most refined designer kitchens and homes.

The Best Bits

  • **No ice build up: **No more discovering Siberia when you open your freezer with ice build-up all over your produce.

  • **Power of LED: **Strategically placed LED lighting brightens every corner of your refrigerator while reducing heat and energy output.
  • **All around cooling: **Innovative cooling provides consistent cold air distribution throughout each compartment, maintaining ideal storage temperatures.
  • **Dedicated storage: **Fruit and vegetables stay fresh with a dedicated humidity-controlled crisper drawer.

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