Hisense 326L Top Mount Refrigerator

Snaffle says…

The Hisense Top Mount 326L Refrigerator comes equipped with an unmatched selection of features which make it a perfect choice for any home. With Multi-Airflow, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout each compartment is easy and highly energy efficient. Meanwhile, its design makes it super easy to integrate with modern kitchen cabinets, allowing it to be easily hidden away to make better use of space.

Hisense says…

Key Features Frost free 3.5 Star energy efficiency Multi Air Flow system Recessed handle Interior LED light Reversible door Fresh zone

The Best Bits

  • All Around Cooling

  • Provides consistent cold air distribution throughout each compartment maintaining ideal storing temperatures.
  • No Ice Build Up
  • No more discovering Siberia when you open your freezer with ice build-up all over your produce? Frost Free technology removes the frost build-up , clever!
  • You Decide Which Way
  • Rest assured if you have a dedicated space for your refrigerator you want to check which way the door swings open before you make your final choice. With this model you can easily change it to open from left to right or right to left.

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