Husky 118L Beverage Centre

Snaffle says…

Husky is a global brand dedicated to designing and creating premium quality refrigeration products. If you need a well made, reliable, and visually appealing bar fridge for your entertainment area, the Husky HUSC1 is a top choice.

Husky says…

Perfect for dinner parties or barbeques, the height-adjustable shelves in this fridge make it easy to optimise the storage space. The double-glazed door helps to retain the cool air, improving energy efficiency. Plus, the door is self-closing which minimises the risk of wasting energy through accidentally leaving the door open.

The Best Bits

  • This Husky bar fridge provides a temperature range of 2 - 10° in an ambient temperature of 38°C and the electronic controls are precise and easy to use. Additionally frost-free technology saves you the hassle of manually defrosting. Also featuring a durable recessed handle and a sleek modern exterior, the HUSC1 bar fridge has everything you need.

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