Snaffle says…

The LG 441L Top Mount Fridge with Door Cooling features a Inverter Linear Compressor which helps maintain the appearance and taste of fresh products for longer by reducing temperature fluctuations.

The air vents located within and to the side of the door directs air flow in the door area to help cool the front of the fridge and the door basket area.

LG says…

Items stored in the door area can cool up to 35% faster than in comparable LG fridges without Door Cooling+.

With less vibration, moving parts and noise than a conventional LG compressor system, the LG Inverter Linear Compressor is quieter and more durable.

The Best Bits

  • Surround Cooling, cools from front and back

  • LINEARCooling™
  • DoorCooling+™
  • Inverter Linear Compressor
  • ThinQ®