10kg Bosch Front Load Washing Machine

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Snaffle says…

The Series 6 Front Load Washing Machine from Bosch boasts a spacious 10kg capacity, ideal for large families and will easily accommodate large items like doonas. Enjoy a peaceful home environment thanks to the EcoSilence Drive, the powerful, durable motor which runs quieter than a regular conversation.

Bosch says…

ActiveWater Plus is a water sensor that measure the washing load to adjust water intake to 256 precise levels, this improves water efficiency and reduces wastage. In addition, Bosch’s VarioPerfect ensures excellent washing results for all types of fabrics and loads, keeping wash times and energy usage low. These features have earned this washing machine 5 Star Energy and 4.5 Star Water ratings.

The Best Bits

  • EcoSilence Drive™ motor that's powerful and durable yet quieter than a normal conversation.

  • ActiveWater™ Plus: Pressure and water sensor that measures the washing load and adjusts water intake to 256 precise levels for cost and water savings.
  • Dark Colors: program for gentle cleaning of dark-coloured laundry, such as jeans.

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